Are ADATA External HDD HM800 and SC680 also have same features?

External HDDIf you want to buy the ADATA's product, maybe you can see this assay.ADATA external hdd HM800 external hard drive and your smart TV are a match made in heaven.Record to your heart's content with 4, 6, and 8TB of storage capacity and easily backu…


Do you know which software is suitable for ADATA external hdd?

External HDDIf you have the ADATA HDD, you can use this software - HDDtoGo. Actually, The software HDDtoGo is suitable for external hdd. It's thegreat companion software for your Portable Storage Device. Enable one to enjoy true mobility and leave no trace …


ADATA External HDD HD710M and HD710 Pro also the water HDD, which one is good?

External HDDAre you have the HDD?If you want to buy ADATA external hdd, maybe you can think about the HD710M and HD710 Pro. Actually, the ADATA HD710M Proboasts three layers of anti-shock technology, which means it offers military-grade durability for your …


The ADATA New Product!The external HDD SE800, share and enjoy across platforms!

External HDDIf you want to buy the external HDD, maybe you can choose ADATA new SE800!It'ssports a USB-C (Type C) connector, which is reversible. There's no annoying up or down like with traditional USB. No guessing, plug in the first time. Every time!!Cut …


Hey!These question about ADATA external hdd you should to know!

External HDDQ:After the ADATA external hdd has been formatted by a Smart TV, the drive then cannot be read by my computer. Is there a compatibility issue with Smart TV?A:Some Smart TVs use the Linux file system format (or a format different from the Windows…


Do you know what different about ADATA external HDD HD830 and external SSD SD600Q?

External HDDWhereas other external hard drives might be durable, the ADATA external HDD HD830 is virtually indestructible. It features a robust triple-layer construction and sturdy aluminum exterior that can withstand 3000kg of downward pressure.That’s roug…


The ADATA external HDD HC660 is good for working!Its keep errors and bad sectors at bay!

External HDDADATA HC660is at the apex of light and stylish external hard drives, available in 1TB and 2TB versions.We created the HC660 to look great and be durable, so it uses a scratch and damage-resistant sandblasted metallic surface. The external hdd HC…


ADATA External HDD HM900, Compromise-free simultaneous record and playback!

External HDDThe ADATA HM900designed with multimedia in mind, especially video content and TV recording, with simultaneous record and playback.Convenience is a top priority with auto-scheduled recording and saving plus one-touch backup. Big and easy to use, …


ADATA External HDD HD725, beyond IP68 to withstand the unexpected!

External HDDAre you have the experience to use ADATA's HDD?If you not, maybe you should try to use external hdd HD725. It has an IP68 rating, which means it’s fully dustproof and waterproof. What’s more, it meets military-grade shock proofing standards with…


How do you choose the ADATA external hdd HM900 and HM800?Is it good?

External HDDIf you have TV, and you want buy the external hdd, you can choose the HM800 and HM900.Long-anticipated sporting event or special occasion on TV happening at the same time as a favorite program or movie? No problem. With theexternal hdd HM900 you…


The Recommend External HDD!The Beat and flash boosts durability.

External HDDThe recommend external hdd, SE730H!It connects via USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) with a reversible Type-C connector and delivers 500MB/s read/write. And theExternal HDD SE730H's 500MB/s read and write speeds combine with USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps delivery t…


Why can’t your computer detect an external hdd?

External HDDMake sure your computer supplies enough power for the hard disk to run. Do not use a USB Hub, extension cord, or other USB devices together, because doing so may cause power undersupply, resulting in the external hdd being unable to be read.Ther…