LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE!The Cool Water resistant HDD!

Water resistant HDDIf your HD720 suffers a severe shock from being struck, Shock Sensor Protection automatically starts up and displays a flashing red light.The USB cable tucks into a wrap-around exterior groove in the drive casing, providing an elegant sto…


Water resistant HDD, More Space to Back You Up!

Water resistant HDDIn an era of high-definition video content, you can never have too much storage space. With up to 5TB capacity the Water resistant HDD HD330 has you covered and is ready to back up all your music, movies, photos and more. The Water resist…


Water resistant HDD, Tougher Shock Test Qualified!

Water resistant HDDThe triple-layer construction of theWater resistant HDD HD720 incorporates exceptionally elastic silicone material to provide great shock absorption from all angles. When the shock has passed, a solid or flashing blue light displays indic…